Umecta PD®

Featuring PharmaDur® Bioadhesive Delivery System

  • Umecta PD combines the proven benefits of urea 40% and SanoDerm® technology, a rich base formulated with omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs)
  • PharmaDur technology provides consistent release of medication, while SanoDerm® technology may aid in restoring skin barrier function
  • Umecta PD featuring PharmaDur technology is available by Rx only!

Available in Two Great Formulations

  • Umecta PD (urea 40% – sodium hyaluronate 0.3%) bioadhesive emulsion 7oz bottle
  • Umecta PD (urea 40% – sodium hyaluronate 0.3%) bioadhesive topical suspension 9oz bottle

Umecta Full Prescribing Information (pdf) – download

WholesalerUmecta Nail Film w/Applicator 18 ml bottle
NDC 68712-010-01
Umecta Nail Film w/Pen Applicator 6 - 3 ml Pens
NDC 68712-010-03
Umecta PD Emulsion 7 oz bottle
NDC 68712-017-02
Umecta PD Top. Susp. 9 oz bottle
NDC 68712-018-02
Umecta Mousse 4 oz can
NDC 68712-020-01
Dik Drug-292086-286641288308
F. Dohman AL - KY DC's175629----
F. Dohman WI - MN DC's175629----
H.D. Smith179-1748211-1979203258920300702093664
Harvard Drug882010-882016--
McKesson Drug19389761775899173114017253401383413
Morris Dickson-825661--756841
N C Mutual520320-593657--
Rochester Drug Cooperative10112803-101457201014569610165215
Smith Drug --205799205138430215

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, lips, or mucous membranes.