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SITAVIG STOPS COLD SORES BEFORE THEY START.¹ Introducing a new single-dose treatment that hits the target – every time. Cold sores are a sore subject for many, which is why new Sitavig is such a breakthrough. It’s a single-dose treatment that can ease cold sore symptoms, speed up healing, and in some cases, stop cold […]

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A New Approach for Damaged Nails Nuvail™ is a new, unique, patented polymer that leaves a breathable, elegant, invisible film when applied to nails. Nuvail is FDA approved for managing signs and symptoms of nail dystrophy. Easy-to-use Nuvail helps prevent nail brittleness and fragility. Because Nuvail quickly dries with a clear matte finish, Nuvail looks […]



Ideal for Managing Redness, Inflammation & Discomfort Associated with Irritations of the Skin Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (LMW-HA) stimulates healing at the source of inflammation NON-STEROIDAL safely manages skin irritations WATER BASED VEHICLE prevents dessication Available by prescription only Bionect Cream and Gel are available in an economical 100g tube. For more details about […]

Inova ACT

Inova® ACT 4/1 & 8/2

Inova® Acne Control Therapy (ACT) – Incorporates: Benzoyl peroxide 4% and salicylic acid 1% Benzoyl peroxide 8% and salicylic acid 2%   Individually Wrapped Pads Maintain Product Integrity! Teen Preferred Acne Treatment Great for On-The-Go! Ideal for mild to moderate symptoms Value-sized for face and trunk application Tocopherol 5% Topical Antioxidant Pure formulation from natural […]

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